“I really enjoyed that workshop. I was actually excited to wake up and work on
my college applications. The fun, relaxed atmosphere definitely contributed to my
A.S., Student, Seattle
“Ulf had a great time and we noticed a renewed motivation for the college process.”
K.B., Parent, Sweden
“I just wanted to say thank you sooooo so much for everything! I honestly don’t know
how I would have managed the whole college process without you two. I want you to
know how appreciative I am to have had you; not a lot of high school students get to have
that opportunity.”
– S.H., Student, Woodinville
“Thanks for a great week with Hannah-I think she enjoyed it and felt accomplished.”
– A.H., Parent, Seattle
“Thank you both so much for looking out for his interests. I’m glad he’s been a good
addition to your class, and Steve and I are delighted that he’s going through this decision-
making process with such great guidance.”
– E.C., Parent, Edmonds
“I will cherish the laughs and fun we had during the summer workshop and session.
Thanks again for everything!”
– K.M., Student, Seattle