The Team


Bob was one of the first students to create his own major in college (a Sociology/Cognitive Science degree granted from Cal State Los Angeles), which included taking classes at both UCLA and Mount St Mary’s College, a nearby all-women’s college, as well as the University Of Geneva through UNESCO. He launched a non-profit learning center for elementary students a year out of college (which became a model for the Academy of Pediatrics) and, as his student population evolved so did he, eventually turning his talents from finding school success to finding success after graduation. Bob truly enjoys helping students broaden their horizons and once took 12 adolescents camping around Europe for 11 weeks and lived to tell the tale! Bob’s favorite pastime is his playing with his grandson and travelling. He is also trying to learn Spanish and wondering why he took Latin in high school.
Fun COLLEGE Fact: Bob started his own business in college serving and cleaning up at parties as a way to add gourmet foods (non-college fare) to his student diet. (Accepting left-overs was a specialty.)


Robyn is very right brain/left brain conflicted, resulting in her changing majors four times in college, including both fine arts and sciences.  She also tried living on both coasts before deciding the West suited her best.  Robyn does know she loves an organizational challenge, whether it’s planning WCC basketball tournaments (as a student at University of San Diego), developing online educational software, or putting her creative energies to work in photography and party-planning!