How can I sign up?

Please contact us directly for registration forms.

Can I talk to a person?

Sure!  Just fill out our contact form and request a phone call.  Please include a quick description about what you are calling about so we’re sure to have the correct person call you.


Please note: We only provide college advising over the phone for students signed up for our Postcard Services.

What is the parent involvement?

Students will be working on their own during our workshop sessions, but parents and guardians are invited to attend Application Navigation’s version of the high school “college night,” where our experienced staff will be available to answer questions and provide valuable insights into the current college admissions process.  This extra session is optional and included in all package tuition.

What locations do you offer?

Application Navigation primarily serves students in the greater Seattle area, but from time to time may offer workshops in other locations.  If you would like to request a future location, please contact us with information.  Please visit the Sign Me Up section to find out where we will be heading this year!

Do students really accomplish everything in 12 hours?

It is important for students to want to be at an Application Navigation workshop.  Students who come to our workshops committed to doing the work will complete everything (if not more) during the 12 hours time.  We provide all the tools for students to be successful, but we are not responsible for students who sign up and do not show or do not have the desire to complete the work necessary. Application Navigation treats its students as adults who are responsible for their own actions and behavior.  If a student is being a distraction to other students in the workshop and the situation cannot be resolved, he or she will be asked to leave.

Do students or parents/guardians need to do anything to prepare for a meeting or workshop?

Students and parents/guardians must complete the necessary registration forms required prior to an initial meeting with Application Navigation.  If you have not yet received these forms, please contact us.  Prior to a student attending a workshop, initial research on the list of colleges to which they are considering applying is suggested.

What do students need to bring?

Students need to bring a laptop with access to Microsoft Word.  If a student does not have access to a laptop or Microsoft Word, alternate arrangements can easily be made.  Please contact us for details.

What is your age/grade limit?

Application Navigation application workshops are for students entering grade 12 of high school (or students one year out of high school who have taken a Gap Year).  They are not meant for graduate level students or students in other high school grades unless the session is noted as such. Students need to provide a high school transcript with their registration.

What is your refund policy?

Application Navigation tuition refund policy: Up to 90 days before the session start date, Application Navigation will refund your tuition 100%.   Up to 60 days before the session start date, Application Navigation will refund your tuition 50%.  No refunds will be given to students cancelling less than 60 days before a session start date.  Please note: a processing fee will be charged for handling each refund.