Off to College
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Notes On College Life

Eating and Sleeping

  • Be SPECIFIC and HONEST on your roommate request form (do not write down who you WANT to be).
  • Fill out the request form YOURSELF!
  • Don’t judge your roommate before meeting him/her
  • Call your new roommate(s) before packing for school
  • Live on campus (at least try it once)
  • Try doing laundry during the week, in the middle of the day, early AM on
  • weekends or during TV shows that everyone else watches except you (it’s easier and faster)
  • Don’t be scared of the cafeteria. It’s okay not to know where something is. You’ll soon learn the ropes!
  • Get to know the sandwich lady– she’ll make yours first and give you extra cheese!

Social Activities

  • Go to the Club Fair– you’ll find out about things you may never have known existed (& might be fun!) Clubs are a great way to meet people and offer you balance to your life
  • Go to a school-spirit event (at least once). It’s really cool to see so many students, alumni, professors and community members all cheering for your school!
  • Student Discounts– there are tons! You can take advantage of discounted tickets for movies, museums, theme parks, ski passes, travel, etc. Check it out (usually at an office in the student center)

Greek Life Pros and Cons

  • Great social connection
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Academic support with mentoring program
  • Worldwide network connections during and after college
  • Creates a smaller community within a large university
  • Great knowledge of Greek letters!
  • Expensive between dues and other required financial commitments
  • Large time commitment
  • Social pressures
  • Can be difficult to balance social life with academics


  • Set up a communication plan (i.e. set a specific day/time to call each week)
  • Be patient with them as they try to understand your new life and new lingo
  • Figure out a financial plan for expenses BEFORE you leave (check to see which
  • bank is on campus)


  • College is a full-time job
  • If college is becoming a financial burden, it’s time to have a serious talk with mom & dad
  • Small jobs can be fun (babysitting for professors, working retail, odd jobs around campus)
  • Sometimes you can get paid to research, be an RA, tutor in the writing or math center

Breaks: Thinking beyond the direct flight or drive home

  • Visit friends at other schools
  • Look into school-sponsored trips
  • Organize a road trip with new friends
  • Stay at school if dorms are open to volunteer, research or do things you don’t normally get to do

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