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Time & Organization

Tips that Might Save You Time in the End

  • Write down phone numbers of at least 2 students in each class so you can discuss homework and have someone to call for notes if you miss class
  • Look at the assigned textbooks before deciding to take a class
  • Meet with your new professors at the beginning of each semester
  • Ask about they type of tests given (multiple choice, essay, etc.)– this will help you know how to study & read for the class
  • Ask about recording lectures, if necessary
  • Ask about class objectives & evaluation procedures
  • Sit in the front row and toward the middle of the classroom
  • Try to arrange a study session with other students before every exam. Use office hours and email professors for suggested study questions. Study these on your own and make a list of things other students may be able to help you with at the session.
  • Stay motivated– try to integrate information from school into other areas of life and ask questions about this in class
  • Stay focused– take deep breaths and drink plenty of water to stay alert (sometimes water is better than coffee). Take study breaks!!


  • Organize your time so you don’t stay up too late studying and become overly tired
  • Use an assignment book to organize everything in your life, including study time. If you buy your own college’s version of assignment book, it will list important dates and deadlines you will need to know
  • As a back-up tool, mark your textbook’s table of contents with the date each chapter’s reading is due.
  • Get Post-its! They’ll come in handy for bookmarks, writing reminders, etc.
  • Buy and use index cards to make study flashcards– use different colors if it helps you stay organized
  • Don’t lose your class syllabus (you have to keep track of your own deadlines without reminders)
  • Write down deadlines from syllabi in your planner at the beginning of term.

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