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MENTORS: 5 Key Mentors on Campus

Whether you are trying to choose a major, selecting classes, needing academic support or a listening ear or just want to have an in depth discussion to find out MORE, talking to the mentors available on campus can be both helpful and enlightening!

1. Professors

  • They’re typically approachable and receptive to students who are proactive about questions, clarifications, etc.
  • They’re the source of your future letters of recommendation for grad school or jobs
  • Go to their office hours– it shows you are dedicated and interested and can help your grade!
  • They’re usually fun to talk to

2. Fellow Undergrads

  • Seek out advice from upperclassmen when selecting classes (ask about professors too!)
  • Other freshmen are going through a similar experience as you– talk about it!
  • Make friends with someone who has a car

3. Resource Centers

Career Center

  • Not just for graduating seniors
  • Part-time jobs and internship placement during school (& summers)
  • Often have possibilities all around the country (and world)!
  • Resume & cover letter assistance
  • Career inventory help
Counseling & Health Centers
  • FREE!
  • Don’t be embarrassed to use these—they are there for YOU!
  • Take care of your health—this is up to you now!
  • These are here to help take care of things that may interfere with your academic success
  • Stress and homesickness are normal, especially during midterms and finals.
  • Go talk to someone who is trained to help with these exact college student issues!
  • Some campuses have specific resources or centers for freshmen
Math & Writing Centers
  • Use these! Your grades will improve!

4. Resident Assistants (RA)

  • They are there to help
  • Ask them where your classes are (and how long it would take to get there)
  • Great mentors for all different issues you may face while in college
  • Use RA’s to mediate any roommate problems you can’t seem to resolve on your own

5. Academic Advisors

  • Your advisor can either be a wealth of information or no help at all. Know that you can switch advisors to find one that suits you best– it’s well worth it!
  • Get to know your advisor early and keep in touch– registering for classes will become less of a hassle!

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