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Academics: Making the Grade


  • Don’t take hard classes back to back (in the same day)
  • Play with your schedule and separate the harder classes by taking ONE a semester, if possible
  • Think about taking a harder class over the summer. Sometimes summer classes are more relaxed, fun and have less students in them.
  • Don’t try to do all the requirements at once (sometimes it’s good to save a few if you’re thinking about studying abroad)
  • You should never feel obligated to keep a class if it makes you unhappy or is affecting your grades. Always weigh the options, but dropping a class is always possible– just remember, the earlier the better!
  • Understand your school’s pass/fail and grading policy– this can be different for major and non-major classes
  • Many profs don’t give assignments in class—they expect you to follow the syllabus. You will not be reminded of deadlines!
  • Read BEFORE class rather than after. This is expected of college students. It makes taking notes easier and helps you participate in class discussions.
  • Write down your class schedule with building names and classroom numbers on a post-it for your pocket or planner (or both!)
  • Learn how to take good notes for yourself. Come up with some shorthand that will help you get things down faster.


  • You don’t have to pick your major right away. Take TONS of classes that sound interesting before declaring
  • Be proactive about your degree!
  • Don’t be surprised if you find a new interest in college.
  • It’s not all about just math, science, English or history any more! Try something new!
  • Do what you love!

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