Services for Navigating to College

 Application Navigation is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving all students.  Within our mission, we offer our services, free of charge, for those who qualify.  Please call our office to discuss further details.  Please know that a recent tax return may be required to demonstrate need.

Our Services for Students

What Application Navigation can offer students

  • College Advising (identifying schools that are a good match for the student)
  • Summer workshop for writing essays and completing applications (incoming high school seniors only)
  • Essay review and brainstorming


How we work with students

We work with students using any combination of the options below

  • In-person meetings at our Seattle (Fremont neighborhood) office
  • Skype or Face Time meetings
  • Phone conferences
  • Email


Our Fees

Application Navigation serves students with demonstrated financial need and thus there are no fees charged. To qualify, please fill out one of our preliminary applications and provide the necessary documentation.  Thank you! **Applications Coming Soon!**

Application for High School Juniors & Seniors

Application for Students Already Graduated from High School

Application for Returning Vets

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Free Workshops for School Counselors and Community Volunteers!

Application Navigation can work with you to bring extra assistance to your college counseling office at school or at your community organization.  Topics range from offering essay workshops for students to writing recommendation letters to organizing information sessions for parents and students at school-sponsored college nights.  Please contact us directly to find out if we can help you!